CTL Linear Unit

Excellent design

The vision to offer not only the best but also excellent-looking products, led us to the Awarded design.

Compact form

CTL linear units are designed to be as compact as possible with no compromise to high performance.

Linear motor drive

Built-in high-performance UNIMOTION linear motor drive.

Optional Hall sensor

AD Hall Sensor

Universal Hall Sensor option with an Analog and Digital output.

Measurement system

Measurement system

CTL linear units offer a wide range of different built-in measurement systems.

Repeatability precision

The combination of linear motor drive and measurement system offers a repeatability precision up to ±0,001 mm.

Protection system

Dust protection

The special protection system design ensures that the linear unit is always perfectly sealed.

Protection cover tensioning

The innovative tensioning solution offers perfect alignment of protection cover even at long strokes and high acceleration.

High speed

Using innovative UNIMOTION linear motor drive enables the unit to achieve speeds up to 5 m/s.

High accelaration

CTL linear units offer the highest acceleration among all UNIMOTION linear units.

IOT connectivity

IOT connectivity

Using the optional UNIOMOTION IOT module enables compatibility with Industry 4.0.

Online Sizing Tool

Online sizing tool

A sophisticated sizing tool provides you with a solution in only a few minutes.

Endless configurations

Configuration tool

The CTL linear unit can be configured through the Easy to use, Step-by-Step configuration tool.

3D model generation

The integrated 3D generation solution allows instant preview and download of the configured product in more than 50 formats.

Online ordering

The configured CTL linear unit can be easely purchased through the UNIMOTION online shop.

Optional cover

Option without protection cover

UNIMOTION CTL linear units can be supplied with or without the protection cover.

Central lubrication system

Simple relubrication

An easy-to-access central lubrication system enables fast and simple lubrication of the guiding system through any of the two lubrication ports.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the innovative relubrication system the CTL linear unit offers low maintenance costs and a long lifespan.

Optional energy chain

High dynamics

The linear unit can be equipped with a standard energy chain, suitable for highly dynamic applications.

Low noise

Thanks to a special link design the CTL linear unit with standard energy chain is perfect for low noise applications.


Using standard energy chains enables CTL linear unit to achieve high speeds with cables safely secured.

CTL Linear unit specifications

Continuous Force Up to 1125 N
Peak Force Up to 2475 N
Speed Up to 5 m/s
Stroke Up to 5970 mm
Repeatability precision Up to ±0,001 mm
Low installation height From 85 mm
IOT connectivity Optional innovative IOT module
Hall sensor Optional innovative AD hall sensor
Certificates RoHS, REACH

*Strokes over the stated value are available upon request.

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